In other words, power itself is the spiritual motivation for fascism, and the accomplishments of a fascist nation will always be mere frivolities to prove its power to itself or to others.

National Socialism, on the other hand, insists that power is strictly the means to achieve the goal ending exploitation - which is specified at the beginning and thereafter made the focal point onto which everything else converges.

Common interpretation would have us deduce that assurance of military dominance is obsolesced by assurance of political dominance, but this assumes that a nations soldiers exist to fight for the survival of the nation.

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However, National Socialists must be wary against degrading into fascists themselves, as the corrupting lures of power and glory are not to be underestimated.

This is one challenge that National Socialist Germany did not last long enough to have to face.

National Socialism motivates individual participation not by glory, but by duty.

The practical implication is that fascism can be perfectly successful even when nobody (including its leaders) actually knows or cares about the purpose for which a nation exists, so long as its leaders keep the nation strong.

At best it is only a means of reaching certain ends.

The worst happens when it becomes an end in itself.

While some fascists mistakenly call themselves National Socialists (usually because they admire National Socialist Germany from their fascist perspective), the reverse does not happen.

To call an authentic National Socialist a fascist is almost an insult, because it implies that he does not know why he fights.

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