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This also helps with mobile email users who cannot see bold or color in email.

In microblogging (such as Twitter and GNU social-based microblogs), @ before the user name is used to send publicly readable replies (e.g. The blog and client software can automatically interpret these as links to the user in question.

In Internet Relay Chat (IRC), it is shown before users' nicks to denote they have operator status on a channel.

In American English the @ can be used to add information about a sporting event.

Similarly, in some cases, @ is used for "attention" in email messages originally sent to someone else.

For example, if an email was sent from Catherine to Steve, but in the body of the email, Catherine wants to make Keirsten aware of something, Catherine will start the line to indicate to Keirsten that the following sentence concerns her.

In Italian, the symbol represents one amphora, a unit of weight and volume based upon the capacity of the standard amphora jar.

Until now the first historical document containing a symbol resembling a @ as a commercial one is the Spanish "Taula de Ariza", a registry to denote a wheat shipment from Castile to Aragon in 1448.

Why it was used in this context is still a mystery.