It means so much that it's international, that it's global - we're tucked away in California doing the show, and I think we all want to be out in the world more than we are.

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It's funny - he's been gone for a long time and I still miss him on the show.

I miss his character, I miss his energy - so it was hard to go back."Of course, in the make-believe world of , you're also going back into the life of one of your best friends who's passed away and we find out that things are not going so well [for his family], so I think it is a really awesome episode.

However, a rep for George later denied that he had clashed with a pregnant writer, stating: ‘George will definitely be returning to the show and looks forward to participating once again in something he has passionately been a part of for 14 years.

is reporting that Eads, who is an original member of the show, got into a heated exchange with a pregnant writer on the drama over his character’s storyline.

So yeah, I'd like to see us go for a couple more years, I think we got it in us."We've reached a place with the show where we pretty much get picked up for one season at a time and that's okay - it's always been a pleasant surprise to find out that we were going to go another year.

I think that we're certainly one of the grandparents of TV right now in the States - if we were a person, we'd have our little cane and hearing aid… Her early TV features among others were "ABC Afterschool Specials", "Law & Order", and "Courthouse".Her first big break approached through a starring role as Dr.Jorja Fox underwent a career as a fashion model as a teenager before then switching to acting.She, as a start, landed parts in minor films and TV series.He crossed over into Las Vegas and now he's in the land of personal nightmares and demons!