So let’s just say I could easily cry about my single life, but I choose to laugh instead. For the most part, 87% of what I say you should not take seriously. You know, on second thought you should just read my shit to get to know me.

It works in a similar way to other chat platforms, allowing members to communicate with one another in writing.

This is a great way to get in touch with online daters you are interested in and prepare the grounds for when meeting them in real life.

I have no set rule about exchanging my telephone numbers.

It all depends how the IM conversation goes or emails go.

Anyone who has ever filled out an online dating profile will totally get my pain. Fun fact: As I write this I am wearing a giant pink onesie.

Here’s the thing: I can’t decide if this is a humor blog or a singles blog.

Dating sites have the huge advantage of being accessible 24/7 and offer an array of options, which allow users to focus their search for potential partners.

Dating sites don’t guarantee success, but they do offer a good solution which shouldn’t be dismissed immediately.

Dating sites base their matching service on mutual interests, location, or relationship desired.