But, the boys, the sons and not the Four, would ogle her every time she appeared in her bathing suit. She was carrying about 140 pounds on her luscious frame, mostly in the boobs and the butt. Every time she paraded about the campground in her short shorts or on the beach in a matronly bikini, if there is such a thing, my view would focus on that chubby butt of hers.

Next was Indhira, of Indian heritage as evidenced by her name. Standing just five foot nothing and weighing maybe 100 pounds, her petite figure made us guess at her bra size but her son, Ravi, gave us the answer as B cups after checking the dirty laundry one week. But my view would be teased away by the sway and bounce of her incredible tits. The other mothers would tease my mother, Diana, about her extra son. Anywhere Diana was found, Jimmy would be not very far away ogling her great body.

Good sized tits, solid C cups, information I shared with the boys, a bubble butt and long firm legs.

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We each had a favorite and openly discussed our choices.

But, none of the boys would miss a chance to check out any of the four mothers.

The Four would spend most of their time off fishing. I don't know if it was their skill or the abundance of fish in the area but we ate fish almost nightly for two weeks.

Fortunately the moms were good cooks and the provided meals were typically good and included different taste profiles.

That ended the company sponsored events for him, of course.

Ravi's father was sent to the Asian operations center meaning he would be away three months at a time. Gina was the first of the group to have to deal with divorce. My father and Jimmy's father were pulled away from the Four by competing interests with new wives, and, yes, even children. And the final nail was driven into the coffin of their extended youth by the final two divorces.There were trees everywhere giving it a forested look.We were lucky in that Indhira had been given the largest divorce settlement which she invested in one of the larger houses in the neighborhood. It had a great swimming pool, a hot tub and sauna, a basketball court, and even a huge patio area, virtually an outdoor kitchen.The four of them started meeting on Saturdays and Sundays for a round of golf. It became a regular Saturday event even surpassing the guys' interest in golf. When the team began to win in their division, the company offered to sponsor Family Barbeques after every softball game.The company would make a payment each week to offset park rental, food, and non alcoholic drinks.In my opinion, Gina was the best of the four moms and that was saying a lot in this crowd with one D cup woman already. My mom was as attractive as any of the other mothers.