I’m inclined to think that you need to throw out the number of women who are past their “use by” expiration date for this hypothesis to be able to point to the data and extrapolate.

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It’s a service-oriented town with a large student community, so as could be expected, there is a clear majority of females (and most of them quite young).

A high score indicates subjects more favorable to sex for pleasure's sake alone.

I’d attribute the extra beauty in Latvia (and Brazil, etc) to 1) either having many of the traits we find beautiful to be generously distributed in the local gene pool or 2) a mental bias toward thinking the women are always beautiful in countries other than our own.

Amuzingly enough I just moved in a city with a very very low sex ration (Utrecht, NL).

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Another theory: The high degree of males killed in WW2 in Eastern Europe (and in the Baltics especially) led to intense selection pressures amongst the women when competing for husbands.

Ugly women were somewhat out-competed, leading to a higher average beauty.

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