My eyes looked into her face and I heard her whisper. Approximately 50 yards in front of us, a large naked black man was waking along the water in our direction.

He had a smooth baldhead and muscular body with huge wide shoulders .

My sweet wife did not notice any change, but I did.

As I looked around I saw a topless lady sunbathing just to our right.

I returned to our suite about 5PM and our room was empty. I looked out the widow toward the beach and saw my wife having a rum cocktail at the pool bar.

I was stunned when my eyes wandered to the right, and saw whom my wife was talking to as she sipped her drink.

I was sure it was the biggest dick my wife had ever seen.

I don’t think she had ever seen anyone’s dick but my own.

Barb just wouldn’t be in the mood 2 nights in a row.

I left her on the beach and went the resort’s golf course.

I had a 2PM tee time and told my wife that it would probably be dark when I returned.

I knew there would not be any sex that night, vacation or not.

“I guess they grow them big around here, darling."Barb turned and said, “I didn’t know penises grew that big. Maybe it was my imagination, but Barb seemed to be flushed across her face and shoulders. My wife nipples were as erect as I have ever seen them and protruding through her bathing suit! Barb rarely drinks, and easily becomes tipsy with even with a small amount of wine.